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Specialised For

Drivers, combi-coach, limousine & Private hire owned Drivers!

Airport Arrival & Departure Transfers

Airport arrival and departure transfers are transportation services that ensure a hassle-free and comfortable journey to and from the airport, providing timely pickups and drop-offs for a stress-free travel experience.

Hourly Packages

Hourly Packages offer a customizable and flexible transportation solution, with a dedicated vehicle and driver at your disposal for a specified number of hours, ideal for events, business meetings, or personal use.

Local Point- 2 -Point Transfers

Provide a quick and reliable transportation option for those looking to travel between two specific locations within a local area, ideal for running errands or attending appointments.

Intercity 1 Way & 2 Way

Intercity 1 Way & 2 Way transportation services provide a comfortable and reliable option for those looking to travel between two cities or destinations, whether it's a one-way trip or a round-trip journey. With a variety of vehicle options and experienced drivers, Intercity services ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Transparent Pricing & Earnings

Is a commitment to clear and upfront pricing for transportation services, ensuring fairness and trust for customers and drivers alike. By providing transparent earnings information, drivers can feel confident in their job satisfaction and customers can make informed decisions about their transportation needs.

TIERED Commission Rates

TIERED Commission Rates refer to a pricing structure where the commission rate charged to drivers is based on their performance or level of service. This approach can incentivize drivers to provide excellent service and improve customer satisfaction, while also providing a fair commission structure for the transportation company.

Daily Payouts to Bank Account or E-Wallets

Is a payment system that ensures drivers receive their earnings in a timely and convenient manner. By providing daily payouts, drivers have access to their earnings as soon as possible, improving their financial stability and job satisfaction. This approach can also help transportation companies retain and attract drivers.

No Empty Returns

No Empty Returns is a transportation strategy that aims to minimize wasted time and resources by ensuring that vehicles are always carrying passengers or cargo, rather than returning empty to their starting point. This approach can help reduce costs and improve efficiency, while also being more environmentally friendly.

No Stressful Daily Targets

Is a commitment to providing a flexible and supportive work environment for drivers, without the pressure of meeting daily quotas or targets. This approach can help reduce stress and improve driver job satisfaction, ultimately leading to a better customer experience.

No Forced Job Assignments

Is a commitment to providing drivers with autonomy and choice over the jobs they accept, rather than being forced to take on assignments they may not want. This approach can help improve driver job satisfaction and ultimately lead to a better customer experience, as drivers are more likely to be engaged and invested in the job at hand.

Global & Local Bookings

Offers both global and local travel options, catering to a wide range of transportation needs. This approach can provide customers with a seamless and convenient experience, regardless of their destination or travel requirements. By offering both global and local bookings, transportation companies can attract a diverse range of customers and increase their revenue streams.

Receive Advance Jobs

Is a system that allows drivers to receive job assignments in advance, providing them with more time to plan and prepare for upcoming trips. This approach can help drivers better manage their schedule and increase their earning potential, as they can strategically plan their routes and optimize their time. For customers, receiving advance bookings can also provide peace of mind and ensure that their transportation needs are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Specialised For

Drivers, combi-coach, limousine & Private hire owned Drivers!

Global Bookings

Receive DIRECT bookings (now & future) to your mobile phone from customers -any where, any time, any day!

Cash / Wallet Jobs

Collect CASH from Customers or Receive immediate WALLET top-up upon successful job completion or No Show!

Customers Favourite

Retain your existing long-term customers by becoming their FAVOURITE drivers to accept their bookings directly

Avoid Empty Returns

No More EMPTY RETURNS from Airport or Attraction venues! Register upfront your “Availability” to get prioritised booking from ulacab

No Fixed Targets

Drive Any Time, Any Day - there are no DAILY or WEEKLY TARGETS!

Daily Cashout

Request for CASH-OUT Withdrawal ONCE every day!

Specialised For


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Hear from our customers

A smile here, drives us to run miles

Baubie Richards

Andrew collected us when we arrived for our holiday on 24th and took us to our hotel.Today 1st July he transported us to Changi Airport. Andrew is such a super person, full of helpful information, very kind and friendly. Fabulous service from Ulacab and Andrew! We were extremely satisfied and will tell our travel agent in South Africa! Thank you Andrew!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Baubie Richards

Bala Rajendran

The ULA team helped us with pleasant experience with travel to Universal Kingdom and Airport . They were very professional - time sensitive and made our trip a memorable experience.

Bala Rajendran

S Diaries Princess Kulit

My flight delayed for an hour and a half, and another hour late in claiming my luggage, but the guys still manage to arrange an alternative driver in a few minutes once i called to inform them of my delay. The customer service guy was so helpful, the driver was also very kind helpful and informative

S Diaries Princess Kulit

Simon Hird

I made a mistake with the date of my booking but Ulacab provided me with a car immediately to solve my problem. Excellent service

Simon Hird

Sarah-Ly Ponchaux

Perfect customer service when our flight was delayed. We could contact easily the whatsapp account so he could give us the information for meeting the driver. Then, perfect cleaned vehicle and driving ☺️!

Sarah-Ly Ponchaux

Kalpana Thirumeninathan

We have engaged ULA to transfer Medical equipment for the past 1 and half years . Service has been excellent . Ula has provided dedicated trained drivers to transfer the equipment . Drivers have been on time and take utmost care while transferring the equipment . Professional service !!

Kalpana Thirumeninathan


Excellent service, loved the drivers personality. Thank you for a quick efficient service.


Antony Redfern

Prompt, courteous and friendly service

Antony Redfern


Driver was very helpful and polite. Great communication.



Ride arrived on time and luxury vehicle. Driver was very friendly and helpful and spoke to us about city sights during the journey.


Diane B

Our driver was Andrew and was very helpful and friendly. He sent us messages once he know that we had arrived. Sent us a picture of his car and advised what door of the airport to leave from you. On the way to the hotel, he gave a bit of a history run down and suggested places to visit.

Diane B

Gary C

Driver was waiting, very friendly and helpful.

Gary C

Warwick H

Our driver was there waiting even though it took us an hour to clear immigration!! Car was clean and driver gave us a commentary on Singapore,s attractions. Recommend this company.

Warwick H


Driver was courteous and helpful, vehicle nice and clean.



Very convenient especially for big groups.


David I

Was very understanding regarding miscommunication in regard to meeting, he waited a long time for us and was very polite. We chatted throughout both transfers, very pleasant experience from start to finish

David I

James M

Diver made contact before we got off the aircraft - very conscientious and efficient.

James M


Need help?

What should I do if I haven’t received my refund yet?

If payment is made through Debit/Credit cards:
The process of refunding your money back to your account will take a minimum of 7 to 21 working days, from the date of initiation of the process.
Kindly wait till such time. If you have not received your refund even after the stipulated time, please contact the customer care centre.

How to cancel my booking and by when can I expect the refund?

Login to your account and click the profile icon in the top right corner of the page. Go to My Bookings. You can see all your bookings listed there. Select the booking that you would like to cancel. Find the cancel option given on the right side of the booking details. Click on that and confirm your cancellation for that booking made.

The refund process, once initiated, will take a minimum of 7 to 21 working days for the amount to reflect in your account

In case of sudden vehicle breakdown or road accidents, while travelling what would happen?

Please contact the customer care centre. The quick possible relief action would be executed to resolve the inconvenience.

Does Ulacab give Promo codes?

Yes, Ulacab offers 365 days best deals and exclusive promo codes for the city, airport and the vehicle type it offers. Do subscribe to receive the best deals.
To view the ongoing promotions and deals Click here

How to post reviews or feedbacks for Ulacab services?

We value your reviews and feedbacks, which would immensely help us in improving the processes and procedures internally and with our driver partners, in order to deliver a positive customer experience.

You can rate and review the services delivered to you in Google reviews. Click here to rate us.

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If you are unable to find answers to your queries in our FAQ, please CONTACT US. We will address it shortly.