Indonesia, popularly called ‘The Island of Gods’, is the largest archipelago in the world. The five major islands that constitute the country of Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and New Guinea. The whole country lies in the arc of Ring Of Fire which is home to many active volcanoes. It ranks third in the world to have the most number of active volcanoes next to the US and Russia.

The island country is fascinating with its historical temple sites, soon-worthy paddy fields, pristine beaches and serene escapades. In spite of being prone to Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanic eruptions due to tectonic plate movements, it is the fourth most populous country in the world and it remains home to some of the endangered species of animals on earth.

Indonesia with its oldest customs and traditions has always remained unique as an attraction to the world travelers and is one of the amazing destinations on the planet for nature lovers.

Let’s have a glimpse of the breathtaking tourist attractions in this island nation.

1. Komodo National Park

Komodo is an island in the Lesser Sunda regions of Indonesia. The Komodo National Park is spread across three sub islands, The Rinca, The Padar and The Komodo.The landscapes of these islands are highly contrasting, with dry arid hills and rich blue sea waters with beautiful coral reefs. The islands are home to the endangered species of Komodo Dragons. Hence these islands have been declared as the Global Conservation spot since 1980.

The Komodo dragons are the Giant Lizards which grow up to 2 to 3 metres in length and they are of high interest of study to the scientists because of its evolutionary implications. The rugged looks and the dangers they pose to the trespassers give the name Dragon to these scary creatures. They are potentially harmful and travellers should be highly cautious of not invading their territories.

The possible activities that you can plan while visiting the Komodo National Park are a hike up the Padar mountain, a relaxing swim at the Pink Beach and adventurous diving and snorkelling at the Manta Point.

2. Yogyakarta

The city with its tagline ‘Jogja The Never ending Asia’ is one of the twin cities which cradled the early civilisations of Java. The city is located between Mt. Merapi and the Indian Ocean and houses the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, which are veiled in the myths and legends of Indonesia. So, it’s best advisable to have a local guide while visiting these temples, as they will help us know the ancient heritage and history behind them. As there is no access to the temples through public transport systems, it’s better to pre-book taxis for a better travel experience.

The living museum of the Kraton(Sultan’s Palace), binge shopping at the Malioboro road, and amazing silver jewellery at Kotagede are a few things which could keep the tourists engaged in this little yet busy city of Yogyakarta.

Batik, considered as the treasure of Indonesia, is based on the Javanese words of ‘amba’ and ‘titik’ synonymous to Write the Dots. The fabrics are decorated using the wax and dyeing process. Yogyakarta has a unique Batik pattern and is usually made with a bright white base.

The tourist villages of Yogyakarta are great entertainment zones, where you can get familiar with the art of weaving, traditional javanese dances and play the gamelan, while visiting the locals in Pentingsari, Tembi and Nglangeran.

3. Raja Ampat

The Pristine Paradise on the planet, Raja Ampat meaning Four Kings, is the ultimate destination for the underwater world lovers where the richest underwater ecosystem of the world exists. Located in the West Papua Province of Indonesia, this magnificent marvel of absolute serenity, Raja Ampat has a legendary folklore to justify its name.

This group of islands with its lush green thick forests on the land, beautiful and richest coral reefs with its stunningly vibrant colours , the sea critters around this rich eco-system all make it a paradise on earth.

Raja Ampat comprises four main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. The Scuba divers and the Snorkelers will have the Once in a Lifetime experience, while underwater, encountering the friendly dugongs and the pygmy sea-horses, with innumerable colourful fishes. Manta rays, Wobbegong, Tuna fishes, Turtles, Snappers, Batfish and Barracudas are some of the exciting meetups we would enjoy while diving into the pristine waters of the island.

4. Flores Island

The alluring archipelago just gaining the popularity of a tourist attraction, the Flores Island, was shadowed all these years by its exceptional destination neighbour Bali. Located in the eastern half of Indonesia, Flores island has a rich fascinating history where it had been home to the hobbit-like human race which lived on this planet in the prehistoric era, just before the normal human race evolved on earth.

The otherworldly landscapes and adrenaline pumping adventures await the tourists when they travel in the off-beaten path of this marvellous island. The Kelimutu volcano in the central Flores, is an active volcano which houses three volcanic crater lakes which are attractive due to its beautiful colours which have changed its hues drastically several times over the years. A sight only to cherish, these lake waters are toxic with sulphur content.

The spectacular dive sites, the kayaking expeditions, the mysterious cave explorations make the visit to this island more interesting and memorable topped with the warm welcome by the locals of the island.

5. Gili T / Gili Trawangan

Gili islands are a group of three small islands, situated off the northwestern coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno are the island triplets. The Indonesian Island hopping adventure isn’t complete without a setting foot on the white beaches of the Gili islands.

Gili Air and Gili Meno are more smaller and quieter than Gili T which exudes jubilance with never ending festive party mood with the nightlife in the bars. The iconic Swing in the ocean, makes this island even more special making it the Insta-worthy spot where the world comes to click their moments to cherish and reminisce. The turtle hatchery in the island is also a not to miss area while on tour.

Gili T, a small island which just has an area of 6 square miles, allows us to walk or just cycle around to places in the island. These islands are surely a getaway from the hustle and bustle that any tourist destination would have. The slow and the simple way of life here will rejuvenate our senses for a refreshing comeback to our daily world routines.

The White sandy beaches, the turquoise waters, the coral gardens and the string of palm trees lining the coast offer a breathtaking sight and an amazing experience. Undoubtedly, these beaches top the list of the best beaches in South East Asia.

6. Lombok

This beautiful Island is separated from Bali by the Lombok strait in the west and the Alas strait in the east separates it from Sumbawa islands. The island of Lombok is divided into 5 regions, North, East, West, South, Central and Mataram City.

The North Lombok paves way for an exciting hike up the majestic Mt. Rinjani, one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia, 3726m above sea level. The Segar Anak crater Lake is such a sight to behold and it’s worth the wait for the ethereal sunset beyond the oceans of Gili.

Central Lombok is the abode of the lovely beaches of this island. The Kuta Beach, Tanjung A’an  and Mawun, to mention a few. Adventure lovers definitely would love to surf the waters of the Selong Belanak Beach.

The traditional villages of the island also might get the tourists curious enough to explore the intricate weaving skills in the weaving villages of Sade and Rambitan.

Along the south coast of the island is the Pink beach which has a shoreline dotted with coral reefs and that gives it the beautiful pinky blush. The trip to this island will not be complete unless you visit the waterfalls of Senaru, Benang Kelambu for they soothe the senses with its tranquil locales.